Who Benefits from the Emerging Field of Palliative Medicine? Everyone, eventually.

The Latin root word for palliative is palliat, or “cloaked”, and palliation does in a sense cloak or mask a person’s pain. The five principles of Palliative Care are: Provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. Integrate the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of patient care. Offer a support system to help patients live […]

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Creating a Hospice Mind Set: Beyond Morphine, Meds, and Views from Bed

What does a hospice experience look like? Obviously, it is as unique as the patient and the circumstances of a family and as variable as the physical plant to which it is delivered. It is more than pain relief, symptom management, and the comfort measures it is designed to provide. Although most families will say […]

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“Surviving Hospice: An Exposé”

My book, “Surviving Hospice: An Expose” chronicles the day-to-day operations of my former for-profit hospice company. It recounts a two-year period when the company was working with a NYC Private Equity Firm. The harmful consequences stemming from that sudden change in the company’s mission, financial goals, and priorities was detrimental to patients, their families, and […]

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