Surviving Hospice: An Exposé

This book recounts a chaplain’s unintended sojourn into the business-side of death. Therefore, the narrative describes the definitive correlation between the excessive production of revenue for financial stakeholders in many for-profit corporations and the corresponding harm inflicted on hospice patients.

The Wisconsin Writers’ Association Literary Journal

Creative Wisconsin

Maryclaire’s essay “A Place Just Right” is included in the Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal 2017. Talented members of the Wisconsin Writers Association have created a collection, including both prose and poetry, to fill an anthology with inspiring, amusing, imaginative work.

Praise for Maryclaire’s writing . . .

“Maryclaire has mastered the art of writing: in a form that describes deep feeling and grace and leads readers to a (magical) place. The essay describes a powerful time in every child’s life when they must say goodbye to their parents. . . (describing) the death of a mother eloquently and profoundly by a grieving daughter. Death is not usually described like this – in this much detail and beauty. The lyrical writing flows with the pace of a song – not one word is out of place.” – Laurie Scheer

Laurie Scheer (MA, DePaul University) is a writing instructor, mentor, professional speaker, and the director of the annual UW-Madison Writer’s Institute for Continuing Studies. She has published two books. She is the Founding Editor of the Midwest Review literary journal.

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