Nonprofit Hospice Experience

A Chaplain’s Motto: Do No Harm.

All nursing home medical charts begin with what is called the “face page.” I flip through the binder to a photo of my newly-admitted hospice patient. It could pass for a mug shot: the stoic-looking woman stares out beyond the page, her strong jaw set in subtle defiance. Thin, white strands of hair are pulled […]

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Death In A Nonprofit Hospice

I didn’t know much about hospice until my mother was close to death. My father honored a promise that he would never put her into a nursing home (although there are lovely ones to be had). And so she lived in their home until four weeks before she died. She experienced a good death: pain-free […]

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Work of a Death Doula

You might be wondering what a Death Doula is or does.  At first glance, the term might sound a bit macabre. Or perhaps you’ve heard the word doula used in relationship to the birthing process. The term “doula” was developed in the 1960s to describe someone who is employed to provide guidance and support to […]

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The Watershed Moment: Choosing to Embrace Hospice Care

What is a watershed moment? It is a turning point from which things will never be the same. A fork in the road. You might recall the precise twinkling in time that changed the direction of your life, path, or thinking – forever. For our purpose, that watershed moment occurs when a person chooses to […]

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